ERPBEL developers are proficient in essential and high-demand software programming languages thus being ready to cope with any application task. Clearly, professionally and on time.

Testing & QA

The Company has implemented modern standards of Quality assurance. Program testers of many years’ experience alongside with an established process of communication with developers and other team members ensure a steady and invulnerable operation of created products in the way as it is required not only by customers but also by their clients.

Business analysis

ERBBEL business analysts guarantee communication between developers and the customer company ensuring common understanding of the requirements and ways of their implementation by all stakeholders. ERPBEL business analysts’ solutions include not only development components, but also improvements for the customer’s company processes.

We offer customer-oriented models of cooperation

We offer three basic models of cooperation depending on project requirements: Time & Material, Fixed Price, Dedicated Team.

Time & Material

We assemble a team expressly for your current tasks. You only pay for the time invested in the development upon completion of all works. Resources, team, technology can be flexibly varied during development process.

This model is convenient if you have a general idea of the project, but you expect eventual changes in the process. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to a long-term cooperation.

Fixed price

In the Fixed price model, everything is agreed beforehand in accordance with the project specifications: the price is fixed and the deadlines are clearly specified. As a result, you get a working product on time.

This model is mostly suited for well-planned projects with all technical documentation and without any planned changes in the project.

Dedicated Team

Our specialists become a part of your team for the period of fulfilment of assigned tasks, thus working exclusively on your product. The price is being formed on the hourly rates of our developers.

The main advantage of this model is that you do not need to look for and hire qualified specialists for full-time employment.

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