About company

ERPBEL LLC was established on October 23, 2007.

Since ERPBEL establishing the main areas of the company’s activities have been defined, long-standing architectural and technological solutions have been developed, highly qualified staff has been selected and trained.

The main activities of the Company are tied with providing a full range of software development services.

A team of experienced business analysts in the Company’s structure allows realizing projects in almost any field of application. On the other hand, the use of the most up-to-date technological tools while designing systems makes it possible to avoid errors inherent on this stage and to qualitatively describe the business processes and design solutions at a level well understandable to both the customer and application developers.

The main architectural platform for our own and integrated solutions is a service-oriented architecture with maximum possible level of centralization of data. User applications are being developed taking into account modern technological requirements and are mainly realized in the form of WEB-applications. The creation of data warehousing systems and the construction of analytical decision-making systems on their basis is performed using best-in-class technological tools. The software of global leaders in the field is used as a DBMS (database management system) — Oracle and PostrgreSQL (open source alternative).  All this ensures high produce-ability, maximum flexibility and long-lasting vital capacity of the solutions created by ERPBEL LLC.

The Company’s subdivision providing IT outsourcing services on various technological platforms supported by the Company is actively developing and fruitfully working.

The Company pays much attention to the quality of created products. The most state-of-art testing techniques are used when developing software. The Company has implemented and is successfully using the quality management system STB ISO 9001-2015.

ERPBEL LLC is a resident of the High Technologies Park. The Company has also a special permit (license) for carrying out activities in the Republic of Belarus on technical protection of information, comprising cryptographic methods and including the use of electronic digital signatures.

The Company is a juridical person – a resident of the Republic of Belarus. Certificate of state registration No. 1254 dated October 23, 2007, UNP 690610877, OKPO 29388485.